Robert Marshall, M.D.

10 Reasons Against Graduated Income Tax

The Illinois Democrats are letting us down


  1. This new tax would be a disaster for the State of Illinois. Taxes are already too high in this state and people are leaving the state in great numbers. The graduated income tax will target these types of people. They will leave in even larger numbers leaving the rest of us to pay even more for declining government services.
    The graduated income tax will be an increased tax on anyone in this state who is doing well and making a little bit of money. These people tend to live in the suburbs and in the middle class areas of Chicago. To me this is a SUBURBAN TAX GOUGE.
  2. We just had a large increase in state income taxes. My opponents should be thankful for this new tax revenue but instead they are asking for MORE MONEY from the taxpayer.
  3. The graduated income tax is a tax on labor or hard work and innovation. People reach these higher incomes, for example from $50,000 to $60,000 per year and upward, by working harder or working more hours. The graduated income tax would therefore punish these people and their labor. People would actually increase their own tax rate by working harder or more hours.
  4. We have to ask: who will get this increased tax money? Hundreds of billions of extra dollars would come into the state over several years and Michael Madigan would receive this money. Do we actually want Michael Madigan to be entrusted with this massive amount of new money?
  5. We also should ask: what will be done with this extra money? Much of it will go to finance lavish state pensions. Before any new taxes should be levied on the citizens of Illinois there should be pension reform to correct this economic problem in our state.
  6. Governments that have graduated income taxes acquire enormous amounts of power over a long period of time or several decades. The reason for this is obvious: the tax revenue increases every year and in every decade faster than the inflationary rate. The best example of this is the Federal graduated tax. If you love the IRS, you will love Mr. Pritzker's State of  Illinois graduated tax.
  7. The new Federal tax law makes it less advantageous to have high property and state taxes.  
  8. Unnecessary positive reinforcement. Remember Pavlov's dogs. They continued doing the same thing as long as they got positive reinforcement. If we give the Springfield politicians  more money, via a graduated income tax, they will just continue doing the same things that have gotten us into the present economic mess.
  9. Billionaires and millionaires will not pay more of their fair share. These people have their billions hidden away in various trusts and banks in other parts of the world. The best example of this is Mr. Pritzker himself, who according to a recent Tribune article, has billions of dollars socked away, probably in a Caribbean bank and reports only what he wants to for income.
  10. The graduated income tax will not result in decreased property taxes. It never has in the past, including this recent one that was just passed last July. Taxing bodies do not trade or decrease taxes when there is an increase someplace else. What they do is PILE ON resulting in increased taxes across the board. This tax is a guaranteed tax increase every year for everybody as our incomes increase with the inflation rate.

Robert Marshall, M.D. 

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