Robert Marshall, M.D.

Eliminate the Tolls

Why it is time to eliminate the tolls and free a burden for the tax payers

Everyday hundreds of thousands of people enter our state on our highways and they pay nothing to finance these superhighways. They can pass through the state without paying any tolls, buying gasoline or any other products, not even candy bars.

They pollute our air, clog up our highways and use our services but in many cases do not contribute a penny to the State of Illinois for using these services.I have a plan whereby these motorists will pay their fair share and in fact we can eliminate the internal tolls on the highways that we use.

The solution is to place tolls on the entrances to the state and charge a reasonable fee for these out of staters using our highways. We can charge something in the range of 3 to 4 dollars for a car and more for a truck to use our entire highway system. This should generate almost enough money to support the whole system and we can therefore eliminate the tolls that we are paying on the older highways. The newer highways, such as Route 355, have not been paid for and therefore these tolls can remain until the bonds are paid off.

We will still be paying our fair share through gasoline taxes.The revenue from the gasoline taxes will decrease in the future since more people will be using electric cars. We will therefore have to change the federal laws to support the highways by a different mechanism and my plan for supporting the highways with tolls at the entrances to the State of Illinois will solve this problem.

It is time to ELIMINATE THE TOLLS on the internal highways that we have paid for several times over in the past decades.

Robert Marshall, M.D.