Robert Marshall, M.D.


Term Limits:
In order to better combat the political corruption we need to put in term limits to stop career politicans from taking advantage of citizens. I will support any measure that brings term limits to ALL politicans. I support six years for a congressman and twelve years for a Senator. I will also term limit myself to two terms and will decline a pension for my service in the U.S. Senate.


These isssues for me are not negotiable. I agree with the pro-life movement 100% on the issues of late-term abortions, tax payer funding, and reversing Roe v. Wade. I am disappointed in JB Pritzker and the Illinois Democrats in supporting one of the most radical abortion bills in the country. I am grateful that we have President Trump working hard for the pro-life movement by appointing judges that value the sanctity of life. We must begin to build the building blocks to create a pro-life state. First, we can start by working hard to require parental consent.

For details see: Comparison of Candidates

The 2nd Amendment: 

Liberals continue to attack the 2nd amendment. As a lifelong member of the NRA I will work hard to stop any attempts to violate an individual's right to bear arms. Illinois Democrats are doing whatever they can to make it harder for someone to own a gun, but when we unite we can put enough pressure to stop them. Springfield has ended it's session without taking up the proposed bill that would force people to get fingerprinted for a gun license along with higher FOID card fees. While we won this round I know they will not give up. Neither will I. Let us keep fighting for our rights. We must eliminate the FOID card.

Sanctuary Cities: 

It is a shame that Democrats are more willing to protect illegal immigrants rather than protecting our borders and caring for our own citizens. I am opposed to sanctuary cities and believe that we must do whatever is needed to protect our border. That starts by building a wall. I support building the wall without burdening citizens with higher taxes. We can accomplish the wall by supporting the bill sponsored by Senator Cruz to freeze El Chapo's assests and using those resources to pay for the construction of the wall.