Robert Marshall, M.D.

A True Republican 

The path to becoming a Conservative  

In 2018 Dr. Marshall ran for the Democratice nominee for Governor of Illinois. Traveling the state he learned from people of all walks of life and believes this experience has made him well prepared to take on the challenges of running another statewide election, but more importantly be the conservative voice for people who are disastified with the way the federal bureacracy functions and to finally have a conservative as Illinois Senator. One question that will no doubt cross the mind of voters: Why did he run as Democrat?

When it came down to the Democratic primary for Governor the voters were stuck with costly choices. One the one hand Daniel Biss held socialist views that would destroy the Illinois economy, make the government bigger than it needs to be, and robbed the citizens of many of the liberties that made America unique. The other candidates were out of touch Billionaires who would not be good stewards of taxpayer money. They also had many connections with the corruption that plagued Illinois under Speaker Madigan.

For that reason Dr. Marshall stepped in the race. He ran as the Anti-Madigan Democrat and never shied away from admiting he was pro-life and was a lifelong member of the NRA to an audience of Democratic voters. He also changed parties because of his resistance to all of the foreign wars that we have been involved in.  

The first Republican Bob Marshall ever voted for was Gerald Ford. He became part of the Reagan Democrat coaltion that gave President Reagan the back to back historic landslides that the country had never exprienced before. Now the Democratic Party is not welcoming of moderates/Blue Dog Democrats. The few remaining are always under attack rather than being praised for their bipartisanship. With the proper messaging we can win these voters to the Republican Party. 

Dr. Bob Marshall is PROUD to be a Republican and will continue to support Republicans up and down the ticket. He will work hard to share his vision to Republicans across the state and switching from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party is more common than people think. Many outstanding Conservatives were once Democrats. A few of them are listed below. 

Governor Kay Ivey 

Governor Ivey was a registered Democrat growing up in the state of Alabama but switched parties at the time when the Democrats were refusing to sign a balanced budget and supported the decision of Roe vs. Wade.  Governor Ivey continues to be a national leader in the Pro-Life movement

Governor Jim Justice

Trump's economy is in fact working for Americans all over the country. This was one of the many reasons why Jim Justice, who had been elected as a Democrat the same year Trump won that state, made an announcement that he was switching to the Republican Party. He continues to have high approval ratings from the state.

President Ronald Reagan 

Prior to President Reagan's successful political career he was a registered Democrat during his Hollywood years. After carefuly considering each policy it was clear for President Reagan that the Republican Party was the party of prosperity. 

Dr. Robert Marshall